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Q. Where are you located?
A. Our manufacturing facilities are located in California which is where your items will normally be shipped from. 

Q. I am already in a well-established food/beverage business, but am ready to discreetly switch over to a different  supplier of certain beverage products.  It must be seamless.  Could you accommodate my high volume coffee business if I choose to switch over to you?
A. Yes we routinely handle accounts with orders of 200,000+ gallons.  Please contact us to inquire about our tiered value pricing program.

Q. I have a great idea for a new beverage that I’d like to “invent”…. Can you do it for me?
A. Yes and no.  We are experts at developing new products, but we require minimum orders. We have expert lab technicians and laboratories  which can work with you on your idea or you may bring your own original recipe to us (that you will own) so that we can manufacture, package it, and put your own label on it.  However, our facilities are built with large scale production in mind, and we cannot to a run a new product for less than certain minimum quantities.

Q. I want to get into the “Cali-Blended” business.   Can you start me out from scratch?
A. Yes.  Our “boutique” service contacts can find out your demographic and market needs, and walk you through the process.

Q. Do you sell internationally?
A. Yes, we export to many different countries.  Please contact: international@purecaliforniabeverages.com

Q. How do I become a distributor?
A. For all distribution inquiries, please contact: info@purecaliforniabeverages.com

Q. Do you offer private labeling?
A. Yes.  However, minimum orders must be met.

Q. What equipment is required to make Pure California  products?
A. Most of our Cali Blended beverages can be made with a regular or commercial blender along with coffee, water and ice.  For our Boutique Lemonades, we strongly suggest a commercial-level glass dispenser. SLIMROCK® mixers can be used with Blenders or Granita Machines.

Q. Does Pure California offer point-of-sale materials?
A. Yes, we offer free POS with large quantity wholesale orders.  Please contact:  info@purecaliforniabeverages.com

Q. Can I get a spec sheet on one of your products?
A. Yes, please contact:  info@purecaliforniabeverages.com

Q.  AND THE MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTION SO FAR (and counting)…Can I purchase your products for personal use?
A. We appreciate the loyalty and accolades from all of you who have tried our famous powders!  Unfortunately, we cannot offer you this kind of purchase.  We will happily refer you to an authorized retailer in your area.  Please contact: info@purecaliforniabeverages.com

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