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  Amazing Taste That Even Bartenders Are Drinking To


SLIMROCK® MIXERS--Low Calorie, 99% natural. More flavor, all the pleasure, and none of the guilt!

At Pure California, our low calorie SLIMROCK® “fresh” bar mixers will raise the taste of your best selling drinks to a new level. In fact, mixologists and chefs have voted our mixers “best tasting in class.” Fresh flavors with premium world class quality...it’s why bar operators around the world are importing these mixers. Get a sample, and see how much your customers enjoy the classics when they have a fresh California accent. We have fifteen 99% natural flavors in all so please go to our website at  http://www.slimrockmixers.com to learn more about this great tasting mixer. And did you know that most headaches after drinking come from all the sugar? Enjoy yourself with SLIMROCK® !

Our latest Product is SIMPLE ESSENCE™. It is a 99% natural better tasting and low calorie option to using Simple Syrup. Please contact us if you have interest in hand-crafted mixology drinks that offer more flavor with zero calories at 1-800-454-0472 ext. 700.

SLIMROCK® MARGARITAS--1/5 The Calories of Traditional Bar Mixers

Margarita's are the most popular cocktails sold in the United States. While it originated in Mexico, many believe Californians’ incredible thirst for this drink is what led to it becoming a mainstream favorite in bars far and wide. SLIMROCK® low cal bar mixers have only a fraction of calories compared with traditional mixers. SLIMROCK® has about 1/5 of the calories of traditional mixers. Flavored and colored with all natural key lime oil.   Pure California has made this classic recipe even more irresistible...with a smoother, fresher, cleaner taste that people notice from the first sip. See for yourself!

SLIMROCK® PINA COLADAS --1/5 The Calories of Traditional Bar Mixers

The iconic Pina Colada is an all-time favorite for any occasion, across the globe. Our version captures the tropical appeal of naturally sweet fresh pineapple and creamy coconut, but with the added value of being infused with the best quality ingredients in the world with only a fraction of the calories! The result is nothing short of outstanding...one consistently smooth, delicious drink after another!  Check it out for yourself...and don’t forget non-alcoholic versions are especially popular with non-drinkers and kids.

SLIMROCK® STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRIS--1/5 The Calories of Traditional Bar Mixers

Pure California's ultimate Strawberry Daiquiri is as tasty as any summer cocktail can get. It captures the true essence of authentic strawberry flavor that is smooth, crisp and oh so refreshing. In fact, it tastes so good that your customers will follow the trend of those in California, which is to order this drink year round. With our mix you can count on this becoming a Signature drink for your establishment, as it will please even those with the most discriminating palates.  

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